And you thought Chicago-style hot dogs were polarizing. According to a survey conducted by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and the North American Meat Institute, 19 percent of Americans are topping their glizzies with mayo, The New York Post reports.

Mustard, relish, and onions don't sound that crazy anymore, huh, New Yorkers? A 2022 poll from Martin's Famous Potato Rolls and Bread confirmed the findings too.

Now, if you're still convinced this is some kind of conspiracy theory (because who puts mayo on hot dogs?), I'm here to sadly debunked that take. People just really are that unhinged. One woman even brought her own Ziplock bag of mayo to top her Costco hot dog. *Shudders*

"Bringing my own mayo from home 4 my Costco hot dog because 4 some reason Costco still hasn’t put mayo in their condiment section," the TikTok user wrote on the video, before adding in the caption that she doesn't "like mayo THAT much but it hits different on a hot dog."

While I thought hoped that commenters would set the woman straight, apparently TikTok is full of mayo-loving freaks. I said what I said.

"Mayo on hot dog is elite," one user wrote.

Another chimed in, "Mayo and ketchup are a must. And now I think I need to carry mayo in [my] purse just for this."

"I keep Mayo packets on my purse. [Hear] so much grief but it’s my favorite," a third person added. Even the brand EGGO chimed in to call the Ziplock mayo "genius." Ugh.

At least there was one sane human (literally only one) on my side—i.e. alarmed at the questionable dog topping. "Mayo on hot dog is a disease, get well soon," they wrote in the comments.

Hellmann's is really capitalizing on the news. The mayo brand just teased a pocket-sized, refillable mayo dispenser for the next time you weirdos need to BYOM.

"It’s come to our attention that some of you are bringing your own mayo to hot dog spots where mayo isn’t offered," the company wrote on social media. "So today, we’re announcing the development of the Mini Mayo Dispenser: an innovative, miniaturized mayo delivery device designed to support mayo-on-dog lovers everywhere—especially consumers of our friends’ iconic, delicious, and beloved $1.50 hot dogs."

I'll just stick with my ketchup and jalapeños, TYSM.

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